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Apartment Reviews for Calla Homes Apartments in Millcreek

4.8 | 23 Reviews

900 E 3723 S, Millcreek, UT, 84106
(385) 220-0545

See what other people are saying about our apartments located in Millcreek! At Calla Homes Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know! We appreciate the feedback, good or bad.

Myra Howard

We were the first renters of this unit since it was built. We love living here and our dog loves it here too!
Andrea Ridzalovic

We have been here for 3 years now, and Malinda is the best manager we've had! So sweet and helpful always, and the townhomes are great. Garages are huge, the inside is nice and modern with TONS of storage space! Thank you Malinda!
Maren Gibbons

These townhomes have been GREAT! Lots of room for storage and they are clean and new. I have really enjoyed living here. The management has been through a few changes since I moved in, but everyone I have interacted with has been really prompt and helpful with questions/concerns/requests.
Dustin Conrady

Brand new and beautiful apartment townhomes
Cait Quaranto

I came in to take a tour of Calla and absolutely fell in love! I felt extremely welcomed by the staff (kelsey/dresden) as i walked in. Dresden the leasing agent made sure to give me all of the details i asked for and went above and beyond! This is definitely a community that i can see myself in! Gorgeous homes!
Karla Alcala

I have been here since September of last year while there was still construction going on. We looked at several townhomes before choosing this one. This is why I chose these, they are new, the location, open floor plans, kitchen and living room are open (great for hosting), washer and dryer just a couple of feet away from the master bedroom (didn't want to be going up and down to wash) and the fact that Fat Cats is just yards away to take a little break once in a while. My biggest thing was finding a place where I can have my dogs as well as a dog park near by since I don't have a yard for them anymore. I found one just five minutes away driving time heading north on 900 E. Overall, I have no complaints.
Pete Cano

Moved in Mid-January. Everything was pretty smooth overall. The office staff is very friendly and responsive. The maintenance is quick to react and I haven't had an issue that lasts more than a day. The units are very nice and for the price point we signed a lease at, it was definitely one of the best deals out there for a new place. My only complaint really is misinformation. It's happened on a couple of occasions here. The first being with the internet. Via emails, it was 100mbps with no mention of the entry level speed only being 50mbps. Once we had received our move in info, it was shown that it really is only 50mbps with a $25 fee to get the 100mbps. I guess I could have done a bit more to confirm, but I think that should be what was lead with rather than how it was originally presented. I swallowed it on that one because I didn't want to complain the first day we moved in. Probably should have because 50mbps isn't the greatest. The second time it happened was with the pet rent and pet deposit. It was advertised online for $250/$25, but then when I told them I was ready to pay, it was $400/$40. I pushed back on this one as it was a bit more money and the management honored their website. I gave them the benefit of the doubt in that it was miscommunication between whoever made the website and management. I'd be lying though if it didn't make me wonder about a trend. Overall, I'm pretty happy living here. Neighbors are friendly. The units are great and I haven't noticed any sound bleeding through walls. Utilities have been a lot cheaper than I initially thought. The staff is very friendly and extremely fast to respond, even though it seems like there is some disconnect between what they say and what is on paper. Maintenance is quick to react. Pricing is reasonable for what you get. Location is pretty great even though the whole Fat Cats parking lot situation is a bit strange at first.